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    Default Re: How To Fix Stuff or Problem Solved

    Quote Originally Posted by normanvin View Post
    Old school. We would change a thermostat in the car and use the box it came un as a gaskit.
    There you go!
    I've tossed thermostats out that went bad closed without installing a new one
    People told me I couldn't do that or would not have heat , etc
    they were all wrong
    I suppose newer cars it could wack up the putters?

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    Default Re: How To Fix Stuff or Problem Solved

    Here's one that I just did. The end stop bracket for the Z-Axis on my printer broke throwing off the height of the head over the bed. I can't print a new one because I don't have an accurate Z-Axis. I happened to have a bunch of these collars on hand and one fit. It's not a perfect fit, but it's close enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferG View Post
    Worked on Rochester quadrabog carbs too.
    Q-Jets rule!

    If it's bogging, it ain't set up right.

    Or too big. (Too many CFM)

    Put my buddy's Buick Stage 1 Q-Jet on my '67 442 for shits and giggles. I think it was rated at 830 CFM.

    It bogged terribly off the line but when I kicked it at a roll, it practically pulled the front wheels off the ground, after playing with the springs and weights in the distributor.

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