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    Default Re: how do you open carry ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mosseater View Post
    The question I recently encountered is, " what constitutes 'loaded' regarding long guns?" Specifically, a typical AR with 16" barrel measured from bolt face to muzzle. Having a nicely padded soft side case with room for spare mags in exterior, covered pockets. Does the ammo need to be separated? Mags unloaded? Separate from the main rifle compartment? etc? Other etc? Throughout the year at various times I keep it in the truck in case I get to the range. It is cable locked to the seat frame, so smash and grab would take a determined effort and time. I can't say I believe it's the best idea to have it with me given current circumstances, except it's an even worse idea NOT to. Thoughts and statute welcome. Thanks.
    Loaded is defined as:

    PA Title 18, Chapter 61, Subchapter 6102, Definitions:

    "Loaded." A firearm is loaded if the firing chamber, the nondetachable magazine or, in the case of a revolver, any of the chambers of the cylinder contain ammunition capable of being fired. In the case of a firearm which utilizes a detachable magazine, the term shall mean a magazine suitable for use in said firearm which magazine contains such ammunition and has been inserted in the firearm or is in the same container or, where the container has multiple compartments, the same compartment thereof as the firearm. If the magazine is inserted into a pouch, holder, holster or other protective device that provides for a complete and secure enclosure of the ammunition, then the pouch, holder, holster or other protective device shall be deemed to be a separate compartment.


    Loose or boxed ammo does NOT need to be separate. Chambers(s) of the gun must be empty, and fixed magazine must be empty, or if the gun uses detachable magazines - any loaded mags for the guns that are present must be in a separate container.

    Legally you can duct tape loose ammo to a gun, or use a saddle carrier(like on a shotgun), or have it rolling around in same compartment as gun.
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    Default Re: how do you open carry ?

    My 'c' isn't working so I have to use substitutes.

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    Default Re: how do you open carry ?

    Thank you! I knew I read it somewhere.

    As pertains to interstate travel, "loaded" may be a different definition depending upon where one is standing or rolling. When I go to WV, I lock all firearms in the cab, sans ammo and/or mags, and lock All ammo in the covered bed of my truck. As always, transport from a place where one can possess, to a place where one can possess, and no interrupted travel in between traversing communist states, except for gas and food. Trying to be accurate for anyone hearing this the first time. Feel free to correct any inaccuracies. I believe this issue is probably confused more often than not. Given current circumstances, its prolly safe to say more people are excercizing this contingeny.

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    Default Re: how do you open carry ?

    wow, that sure is a lot of infringement.

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