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    Default Where to shoot in Cumberland County?

    Well, I got my range permit last week and was all excited to go shooting today on my birthday at the State Game Lands 230 Range in "Carlisle." So I drove out there today only to find that thanks to all the idiocy about this damn virus, the range is closed. Apparently me minding my own business, popping off a few rounds next to the woods is just too big a threat of health and security of the entire state to allow.

    So I ask you, fellow PA firearm owners... Where the heck can I go shooting today?? Is there anybody around Carlisle with their own land to shoot on?

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    Default Re: Where to shoot in Cumberland County?

    I normally go there myself since I'm by Carlisle. They could've spread out the benches but since Wolf isn't a gun friendly politician, no surprises it's closed. The Carlisle Fish and Game Association or the Mechanicsburg Sportsmen Association, are good ranges to apply to be a member of. Like $75 a year or so I believe. Youll like it.

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