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Thread: ADE Optics

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    Default ADE Optics

    Does anyone have any experience with Ade Optics?

    Iím looking for a budget optic to get into light Carry Optics competition. Iím not really looking for something combat ready for carry. This will see maybe a few matches a year plus range toy use.

    Link to Ade Optics example:

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    Default Re: ADE Optics

    Iíd be afraid that wouldnít hold up at all. Slide ride mounting an optic is brutal on the optic. Even the high end ones die a painful death.

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    I have a pair of them. Green dot reflex sights, one on my wife's 500 and another that was on my 590 until I traded it for an 870. The one on the 500 is over a year old and has hundreds of rounds through it and still works. My only issue is that regardless of setting, the dot tends to starburst unless it's extremely bright out. I don't know what to expect for a $45 dot though. My experience with them is limited to the pump shotguns but I've seen a few pistols that come optics ready with the ADE dots.
    Hope this is not Chris's blood ...

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