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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    Quote Originally Posted by Berncly View Post
    Paper or plastic local and regional maps.
    This is a really good app:

    What's great about it is you can download copies of maps of your area directly to the device so you need no network access. There's a variety of maps you can choose from, regular street maps, satellite imagery or topology and some combined types. It takes a while to download the maps. I've used it fishing many times
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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    Quote Originally Posted by Berncly View Post
    Paper or plastic local and regional maps.
    I have plastic laminates in the truck great Idea.
    How hard are the ham radios to use?

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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    Quote Originally Posted by aubie515 View Post
    You need a water filter as there are a lot of water sources in PA. I own a Maxpedition Jumbo and will say I'd want more gear that what that bag is capable of carrying.
    Thats when the INCH bag comes in, (Im not coming home)
    3 day pack,
    full change of clothes (old camouflage hunting gear)
    truck gun(AR pistol and sling,4 mags)
    more food,
    more water (camelback)
    machete (cold steel kukri)
    para cord
    GMRS radio with weather channel
    small pair of binoculars
    bivvy ponchos (2 camo)
    polar fleece blanket/poncho liner
    small glass jar with mineral oil soaked dryer lint for fire starting
    Gotta go through it as I havent looked in it for a while

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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    if you are in urban setting a xooter scooter is a must have... they are pretty fast and very portable/ easily stored in trunk.
    can also go with a goped if you want a gas powered scooter.

    im in an urban setting so my loadout is all about weight - case in point, locked keys in car the other day, live 2 miles from park entrance, had to carry my 2 yr old home (she refused to walk was nap time), it's mostly uphill - glad i was in shape!

    - lifeboat food (look it up, does not make you thirsty/ high cal count per size),
    - water bottle with filter built in,
    - poncho, tarp, cordage
    - glock w endo tacitical brace (excellent compact carbine/ pistol capbility), 4 mags+ammo
    *** bonus 22LR conversion slide + mags and ammo for glock
    - extra socks, tshirt, track pants
    - toliet paper roll (flattened)
    - knife w/ fire capability (fixed blade)
    - pepper spray (less lethal option)
    - bug spray
    - baseball hat with clip ligt + headlamp + flashlight (all AAA) w/ extra batt in waterproof bag
    - burner phone w/ sim card + charging cords + power bank
    - alcohol-based hand sanitizer (can also be used to help stoke a fire)
    - lightweight but study plastic utensils (camping grade) - actually handy for every day
    - ear pro plugs (easy to have)

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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    This is where I miss the threads from PA2A, because I had detailed pictures and breakdowns of most of my preps such as a "GHB."

    Knowing I'll probably be bored at work tonight, I'll post what's in mine. For now, part of the strategy of where I bought my house was being able to "get home" from work within a day's hike..., and I can. I have made the hike using my GHB to test it out.

    One other point about GHB is to not confuse it with a "bug out bag." The GHB should be light and have only the items needed to get you home within 24 hours. I suggest tailoring it for where you're likely to have to "get home" from, which for most people, is work.
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    Default Re: Get back home bag

    Quote Originally Posted by bigandy1966 View Post
    Anyone still physically commuting?
    So who has a GBHB?
    I drive 17 miles one way to work, its pretty rural so if the truck becomes unavailable, disabled or someone decides to take it while I was at work, I guess I would have no choice but to hike home, if SHTF the situation might become less friendly to free movement
    90% of my GBH hike will take a few hours at best,on a good day. But what if you have to keep off the roads? or I am further out than work? or its at night?
    I have a maxpedition jumbo sling bag with a Harbor freight padded black nylon waist belt sewn in loops to help distribute the load to my hips and legs and off my shoulder
    Stuff I have in it:
    Individual first aid kit
    KaBar small 6" tanto on the shoulder pad
    fire stick + small bic
    millsurp OD poncho
    cammo polar fleece blanket or camo pullover
    1.5l metal water bottle with 9' of duct tape and electrical tape wrapped to the outside
    Beretta 92 in an internal holster and 2 mags in mag holder on the outside
    clip on sunglasses
    bug spray
    2 ziplock with trail mix (added in when things could get weird ( like now))
    Gerber multi tool
    Whats in your GBHB?
    Andrew Wilkow the conservative Sirius show host has a "bug out" bag that he keeps in his Manhattan studio. His only problem in the event of a real emergency is trying to get out of NYC along with thousands of others - all at the same time no less!
    NRA - Pa Rifle & Pistol Assn.

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