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Serious question. Have you considered a side-hustle where you buy out all the good clearance stuff you can find at your Walmart and any others you can easily get to and selling it at a profit on EBay or Amazon?
No. Seems like a lot of work. It's work enough just finding the deals.
I've been spending one of my 15 minute breaks each day just looking for clearance items that are useful and cheap - my work phone gets cut off during my unpaid lunch hour, so I can't use it to scan items then - only during my breaks.
I guess if I had the Walmart app on my phone, I could scan things, but... haha

Plenty of people do it though. All stores have a lot on clearance now because it's change of season time, but our store is also doing a total refresh, so even more items are being marked down to get them gone FAST. I've seen clothing go out and if it isn't selling fast enough, they mark it down to $1 and people come and buy it ALL - then they sell it on Ebay.

I'm sure it would be frowned upon if I were to buy stuff in that manner - one of the department managers said he isn't allowed to buy the items he's marking down. Not that it couldn't be done, but apparently there are "rules" about such things to deter employees from taking advantage of the way items are marked down.

Even though it's a chore, I'm definitely getting better at finding the deals. This year, I found a ton of things I can actually use, and saved a lot of money - items I never would have bought otherwise due to overall cost. I'll take a small victory every now and then.