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    Default Sportsman licenses ?

    Hello i was wondering how the sportsman's license works ? Would i be legally able to take my rifle and shotgun fishing with with me and camping ? If i had a sportsman licensed ? Thank you .

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    Default Re: Sportsman licenses ?

    OC only if not mistaken. Its been a while for this topic.
    Good luck getting one now unless you can get one by pc or phone or mail.

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    Default Re: Sportsman licenses ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastic View Post
    Hello i was wondering how the sportsman's license works ? Would i be legally able to take my rifle and shotgun fishing with with me and camping ? If i had a sportsman licensed ? Thank you .
    If you are referring to a sportsman’s permit it has nothing to do with regulating the carrying of longs gun while camping. What it does is it allows someone to carry a handgun while hunting, fishing, furtaking, or dog training.

    Below is the crimes code definition of a sports permit.

    For more information read the whole 6106 firearms not to be carried without a license.


    6106. Firearms not to be carried without a license.
    (c) Sportsman's firearm permit.--
    (1) Before any exception shall be granted under
    paragraph (b)(9) or (10) of this section to any person 18
    years of age or older licensed to hunt, trap or fish or who
    has been issued a permit relating to hunting dogs, such
    person shall, at the time of securing his hunting, furtaking
    or fishing license or any time after such license has been
    issued, secure a sportsman's firearm permit from the county
    treasurer. The sportsman's firearm permit shall be issued
    immediately and be valid throughout this Commonwealth for a
    period of five years from the date of issue for any legal
    firearm, when carried in conjunction with a valid hunting,
    furtaking or fishing license or permit relating to hunting
    dogs. The sportsman's firearm permit shall be in triplicate
    on a form to be furnished by the Pennsylvania State Police.
    The original permit shall be delivered to the person, and the
    first copy thereof, within seven days, shall be forwarded to
    the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police by the
    county treasurer. The second copy shall be retained by the
    county treasurer for a period of two years from the date of
    expiration. The county treasurer shall be entitled to collect
    a fee of not more than $6 for each such permit issued, which
    shall include the cost of any official form. The Pennsylvania
    State Police may recover from the county treasurer the cost
    of any such form, but may not charge more than $1 for each
    official permit form furnished to the county treasurer.

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    Default Re: Sportsman licenses ?

    NO.......IIRC it's only so you can drive to go hunting with a handgun in your car. Then you OC while hunting. It is not good for just camping. For that you need a LTCF.

    But this is irrelevant right now. Courthouses throughout the state are closing down as we speak.

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    Default Re: Sportsman licenses ?

    The law prohibits carrying a "firearm"* concealed or carrying in a vehicle. 18.61.6106(a)

    The Sportsmans Permit provides an exemption to above while going directly to/from hunting, fishing, trapping, and dog training and during said activities. It allows you to carry the "firearm" concealed to/from/during such activities.

    Rifles/shotguns are not "firearms" and do not require a SP to carry/transport to/from such activities.

    If you were to walk from your home to your hunting spot while carrying openly, you wouldn't need a Sportsmans Permit or LTCF.

    Note, the Declared State of Emergency does impact this to a degree. So you would be better off with a LTCF if you can get one. During a SoE, carrying/transporting any type of gun on public domain requires a LTCF, or exemption under 6106(Sportmans Permit suffices for sporting activities). Going from home to a camp would likely be exempt under Title 18, Chapter 61, Subchapter 6106(b)(4) and/or (8) if the guns are unloaded and securely wrapped. Camping itself would not fall under that exemption.

    6106(b)(8) exempts carrying/transporting from home to vacation or recreational homes(aka, camps). Not to camping sites. However, if you have some sort of dwelling, it may qualify.

    * "Firearm" is defined as: Any handgun with a barrel less than 15", any rifle with a barrel less than 16", any shotgun with a barrel less than 18", any handgun, rifle, or shotgun with an overall length less than 26".
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    Default Re: Sportsman licenses ?

    Are you not 21 or otherwise eligible for a License to Carry Firearms? It's a much better overall option.

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