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Thread: CC Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frizratz View Post
    I really tried to find the clip ( but was unsuccessful ) from Boston Legal where Denny Crane is told to disarm ( or something like that ) and he pulls out gun after gun after gun, it was hilarious.
    Starts at 1:44

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    Addressing OP question jokes aside...

    Commonly most carry a primary pistol and a BUG ( back up gun). Primary is your go to gun, the BUG is for use in case of serious malfunction or just simply running out of ammo. The BUG tends usually to be a smaller caliber like 380 for ease of pocket carry. I am also in the camp of BUG being passed to unarmed friendly's in a real shtf situations.

    Just caught this was a resurrected thread, ok with that my post is relevant for newbies.
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    I have a copy of The New Lucien Cary on Guns, copyright 1957 by Fawcett Publications, Inc. On page 124, it has a picture of a custom holster maker, Chic Gaylord, wearing a standard man's business suit. Next to the picture of him all buttoned up there is a picture of him showing how he can carry 13 concealed handguns on his person. With his pant legs and sleeves rolled down and his suitcoat closed you cannot tell whether he is carrying any handguns at all. I have this picture out in front of me so that I can describe this accurately.

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