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    Default Re: Every thug will run right out and sign up for a license....Right Mr Booker?

    My question would be why? What's the purpose of this license?

    Here's the difference, I need a license to drive on roads owned by the state. The purpose of the license is to make sure I know the rules and regulations of the road. To make sure that I and other motorists are on the same page and able to communicate. If I want to do 225 MPH on private property, I do not need a license.

    I do not use my firearms in public places so I don't need a license.

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    Default Re: Every thug will run right out and sign up for a license....Right Mr Booker?

    Licensing that will include:

    Mandatory training and testing
    Fingerprinting via police
    Police interview before a license is issued
    The psychological testing
    A regular doctor physical

    Of course there will be fees for the fingerprinting, testing, and the police interview all which they will only do one day week. There will also be doctor fees if you can find one that will approve a gun license. They will only be able to accept so many applicants in a mandatory training and testing class so expect waiting for weeks or even months to get a spot in an approved class.

    If one could complete the aforementioned and pay all the fees and finally get approved; it will be time to renew it, thus go through the whole procedure again. Their gun license system will be clogged up due to lack of personnel so an applicant could expect to wait months for approval. That is their intention. It will be like waiting for approval for a NFA tax stamp.
    This is why I’m against mandatory testing for a LTCF too.

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