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    Default Re: Rep. Madeleine Dean

    Quote Originally Posted by gghbi View Post
    I see the meeting made the news:

    How many of us believe this statement? If the kids are 'suffering' it is because of how the adults present the issue to them. I guess I suffered from hiding under the desk when we did nuclear attack drills in the 1950s-60s. I just never knew how much...
    Yes, you all have it wrong, you have misread Mad Maddy's intentions. I'm with her now.
    Self defense is not a crime: Free Kyle Rittenhouse

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    Default Re: Rep. Madeleine Dean

    "I'm anti-the trauma that frankly our children are suffering." I read her mind in my original reply. It's about the children....but abortion is OK.

    Abortion is none of my business. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. If you want to have an abortion, that's between you and your God. But I will not be lectured to about my Second Amendment rights by someone who thinks is perfectly fine to kill unborn babies.

    Fucking hypocrite.

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    Default Re: Rep. Madeleine Dean

    How many folks are gonna die?

    Most of the 'assault weapons' are out on the street. Someone has to go get them. Some folks are gonna die.

    How can one be in favor of "gun safety" while having folks killed for owning a piece of plastic and metal?

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