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    Default Self-Defense case out of MI

    This was for me a very useful read:


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    Default Re: Self-Defense case out of MI

    I've said for a long time that a defensive display of a firearm is not "use" of deadly force, it's "the threat to use" deadly force.

    If I screamed at someone that I was going to kidnap them, would I be charged with kidnapping? Nope, I'd be charged with harassment or terroristic threats or some other not-kidnapping charge. Because I didn't kidnap them, i just threatened to.

    If I wave a gun around, is that physically and logically any different than aiming it at someone and pulling the trigger? OF COURSE it is.

    People who are irrational about guns get triggered and lose their cognitive skills when the subject arises.
    Attorney Phil Kline, AKA
    There's merit to carrying your backup mag in a backup gun.

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