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    Default NFA Trust Naming Requirements

    I've read the stickied thread here and also have searched this forum and Google, but I have a few questions (also the sticky is from 2008 and I'm not sure if anything might have changed since then).

    Firstly, does PA have specific naming requirements in addition to federal requirements? I can't seem to find anything on this which leads me to believe that PA does not, but I want to be sure.

    Secondly, I've seen it be suggested to not use the words "NFA," "firearm/gun," etc in your trust name. My original thought was to just use my initials, "XXX Trust," but do I need the word "trust" in it?

    Lastly, as far as creating an SBR goes, it appears that I need to engrave the name of the trust and the city and state on the fiream (as well as s/n, make, model and caliber, however, these things would already be marked on, for example, an AR lower). What happens if I move out of the city I currently live in? Am I forced to modify the engraving somehow? How would one even do that?

    Sorry for the noob questions, just looking to get into NFA items and I figured Form 1ing a lower would be the best and cheapest way to get into it.
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    Default Re: NFA Trust Naming Requirements

    Most moved away from trusts for nfa. Mine I did you engrave that and city/state, if you are going to use a finished receiver you dont have to engrave the caliber or serial number since they are already there. Dont worry about moving within state as far as the markings go, I believe once you move any new items would have to be marked with the new address but you may have to update the trust wswell.

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    Default Re: NFA Trust Naming Requirements

    As USMC3531 said, if it's a finished receiver there will already be a model and serial number engraved on it, so you just need to engrave your trust name with city/state. Once the Form 1 is approved, that means you "manufactured" an NFA item and that engraved info will never need to be changed for that NFA item, even if you move out of state. You always need to keep your trust address updated.
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    Default Re: NFA Trust Naming Requirements

    Yes the trust should be named XXX Trust. For one thing, if anything were to happen to you then people going through your papers will see it is a trust and should know that it is important so they can find out what to do with it. No reason why the name "NFA", "Firearms" or other identifying names should not be in the title, again for ease of identifying an important document. One of my customers Trusts is "Last name, NFA Firearms Trust". He also put a note on the front for anyone who finds it. It is a quick "what to do list" if something were to happen to him.

    Once you build the firearm, that's its name and where it was built. If you move out of state it is still the name of builder and where it was built. If you move out of state you do need to notify the NFA Division about where it is now located. If you move within state you don't have to notify them but they would like you to to keep their records up to date.

    And as WCMG said, you should always keep your trust address up to date no matter where you move to, across country or just down the street.
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