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    Default RWS Diana Model 6

    Over the weekend I acquired a RWS Diana Model 6 Recoilless Air Pistol. From what I can find online this is the "Original Model 6" manufactured in the 1960s. It did not have the box but the seller claimed it is unfired and based on condition this is probably true.

    Everything seems functional except it does not propel a pellet. I'm guessing the piston seals need to be replaced. Has anyone here worked on a double piston air pistol that can offer some insight or things to be aware of during disassembly/reassembly?

    Google file photo

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    Default Re: RWS Diana Model 6

    There is a airgun gun guy below York can't remember his name. Not to far from freedom armory if memory works. He fixed a pair of older air rifles for my neighbor. I believe I found him with a google search. May be worth a search.

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    Default Re: RWS Diana Model 6

    Might want to go over to:, he does repairs on these. What you are looking for is an airsmith or airgunsmith. Airguns being a different animal than normal firearms, many gunsmiths won't touch air (or pellet) guns.

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