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    Default Re: OAKS 2 Day Show Aug 3rd & Aug 4th, 2019

    There is the whole gambit at that show. One guy there has .338 WinMag and he wants $60.00 a box for it, I gather it up at $20 or $25 when I find it.
    Thank you for keeping me safe.

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    Default Re: OAKS 2 Day Show Aug 3rd & Aug 4th, 2019

    I went on Saturday and had a nice time. I was one my own, and got to take my time. I got what I thought was a fabulous deal on a new Vaquero.

    I did notice that it wasn't very busy "spectator" wise. I did run into some friends by surprise too.

    I saw someone mention the car show at Macungie. I used to go to that show every year and one year even had a car on display in the big tent for the weekend. A couple years ago, I took the Viper as it was now old enough. This was on a Friday. There were only a few vendors in the entire swap meet, show field had lots of open space, too. Haven't been back. I understand they have also added a beer garden. Yeah...that makes and beer.

    Anyhow, I had been going to Macungie since the 1980s as we liked to go through the toy show on Saturday and then the car show. When I got involved with older cars...I kept going. As said above, haven't been back for a few years.

    Back on topic, I know it's only 1000 tables in August, but I enjoyed the show and picked up something I had my eye on for awhile. I will admit that when I add up the cost of tolls, gas, admission...I wonder if it's worth it.'s also a day out.

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    Default Re: OAKS 2 Day Show Aug 3rd & Aug 4th, 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by EB85 View Post
    It may be Philadelphia region but it ain't Philadelphia. Arnold's is a great place to take your kids (or yourself) for some good go-kart racing, the outlet mall which is maybe 20-25mins away has plenty of stores to walk through, and there's more than enough restaurants in a short drive. My only complain about the area is traffic can be absurd. Especially around lunchtime and the early afternoon but you can blame that on 422 more than the area.
    Yes the traffic and the "city-ness" of it all. Hugh turn off.
    Gangsters , crooks and thugs aren't so much a problem.
    I came near Philly last time years back .... I forget the road .... but it was like a 4 lane road they funneled down into something like an alley.
    Must happen often cause the traffic was also full of people on foot asking for money and washing windows.

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