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    Default VZ 58 receiver and looking for gunsmith to build it

    I recently purchased a parts kit for a VZ 58 but I need the receiver and Iím having a hard time finding one online. Also I need to find a gunsmith in the Chambersburg area who could put the rifle together for me. It has a 15.5 inch barrel so Iíll need the barrel extended to meet the 16 inch requirement.

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    Default Re: VZ 58 receiver and looking for gunsmith to build it

    The company Tort Tort might be your best bet on the receiver.
    They have a 80% that is awaiting ATF approval for sale. They list a 100% but shows sold out.

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    Default Re: VZ 58 receiver and looking for gunsmith to build it

    CNC Warrior does limited runs of very high quality receivers for the 58. Stay away from any old Ohio Rapid Fire receivers. They may not be heat treated properly. As for lengthening the barrel, you can do what Czechpoint (Used to be D Technik) did to earlier rifles and weld a brake or muzzle extender to the end of the barrel. If you weld a brake on, I highly recommend Czechpoint's Slovak brake. It's true to the original military rifle and is of very good quality. It really cuts down recoil as well. And if you still have your bayonet lug, you can probably still use it.

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