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S&B and Geco is some of the cleanest and most accurate .45 ammo. It's also some of the cheapest.

$250/1,000 rounds right about now.

Never had a problem with Blazer Brass either.
Perfecta , made by FiocchiUSA and sold at Walmart is pretty good stuff too. Usually $15/box or slightly under. Good brass for reloading.

Lately been buying hardcast bullets from Better Bullets at the Oaks show. I like W-231 , aka HP-38 , for .45 and .38 special. I've been using Winchester Large Pistol primers for all large pistol calibers including magnums for over 25yrs. Winchester doesn't even make a Large Pistol Magnum , they claim their LP is hot enough for heavy (magnum) doses of slow-burning ball powders. Since they (Olin) invented ball powders , I tend to believe them.