I am current Sheriff Charwin Reichelderfer and I am ending my almost 46 year law enforcement career at the end of this year. I want to sincerely thank all for your support over my 3 terms as Sheriff on this forum. I have a Chief Deputy, Diane Nelson, running against 2 others for the position of Sheriff for 2020. I have trained her and she has MY ABSOLUTE TOTAL SUPPORT FOR THE POSITION OF SHERIFF FOR BEDFORD COUNTY. Diane has 20 full and part time years in the Sheriff's Office and the last 4 as my Chief Deputy. She also worked at the county prison as a Lieutenant. She is fully certified both as a police officer and Deputy Sheriff for Pennsylvania along with an extensive list of credentials. She is a member of the NRA and is pro 2nd amendment /pro NFA ,in as much we think alike on gun rights (I think she owns more guns than I do). I hear the B.S.story she's a woman and can't do the job. I can vouch she is as tough as any one as she also worked for me part time when I was Chief of Police in Bedford. FYI, Diane and I were involved in the investigation part of the Attorney General's arrest case against our now ex District Attorney. The both of us were vilified and slandered on social media after the arrest that exists to this day over a year later. Diane took most of the brunt of this crap, the only way I can express it. Interestingly enough another Sheriff candidate is using this individual as his shadow media manager to continue to sling this diatribe against both of us as I am currently running for County Commissioner in the election also. I do not take and do endorsements lightly, but this one is easy. Vote!!! Again, thanks for all your support. I believe this information needed to get out to the county.