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    Default Question for Moderator on Sticky Threads.

    Is it possible to create a Sticky Thread for sharing political information on a regional basis (i.e "Pocono Mountain Region")? Some politicians represent more than one county (i.e. Matt Cartwright represents Lackawanna, but after the Gerrymander, now has parts of Wayne and, I think, Pike too). State Senator Lisa Baker's jurisdiction includes more than one county. Someone from Scranton (Lackawanna) is less likely to look for information in the Wayne County Forum. If we are going to become more politically present, we ought to start sharing information about the candidates and politicians that represent us or planning how we might approach them in an organized manner, rather than just one offs. Doing it topic by topic, or occasional thread by thread lets info get lost and hard to find.

    My idea may not be the best solution, so I am open to any ideas that would work for the purpose.

    I am also posting this under "Pocono Mountain Region". Not sure who moderates what sections so I figured I would post the question in the two most likely places. If the regional forum is the more appropriate than the other, then please feel free to lock this thread.
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    Default Re: Question for Moderator on Sticky Threads.

    John Rich response:
    Legislating to prevent people's acts is fantasy

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    Default Re: Question for Moderator on Sticky Threads.

    is it possible to unstick any that don't matter anymore?
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