So, a buddy of mine has been telling me that I "Absolutely Must" check out Trop gunshop. He's been talking about that shop for over a year & today I had the day off with zero obligations to the wife or kids so I decided to take a trip. It was "Almost" a total waste of my time!!! That store is big, but it is your run of the mill Elmer Fudd gun shop. There was ZERO anything special in the entire store, so I chalked it up to my buddy not knowing what he's talking about [I should have known... every restaurant he's ever recommended has sucked ass] But while I was sitting in my Truck I decided to google "gun store near me" & Lanco Tactical popped up, it was a little over a mile away & since I was close I stopped by. I am EXTREMELY happy I did. That shop F'N ROCKS!!!
The owner was a really cool dude, knew what he was talking about & had all the cool toys that we love. It's a little out of the way for me but I'm just gonna deal with the drive because this store is definitely worth the drive. I will be back, & soon. I can't wait for their suppressor event, Sunday June 23rd 10am -3pm in Lebanon Pa. I almost never give plugs but this is such a cool little shop [not really little though, there are plenty of smaller shops out there] that I felt compelled to recommend them here.
Anyway, do yourself a favor & check them out, you'll be glad you did.