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    Default A good read/ gun car analogy

    This got me thinking about the gun car analogy in a different way.

    Cars and Guns: More Alike Than You Think

    In a recent article, I commented the anti-gun left blaming the NRA, its members, and supporters for mass shootings makes about as much sense as blaming the AAA, its members, and supporters for mass slayings with motor vehicles.

    I conscripted this comparison in my latest book in which I wrote a scene to this effect: an officer chats with a nice thirtysomething gal waiting for her bus. She keeps glancing at the cop’s holstered gun.

    The cop asks, “You like guns?”

    “No way. Those things scare the hell out of me. My husband doesn’t think people should be able to have guns.”

    “That makes perfect sense, if you don’t know guns,” the cop agrees.


    “Sure. Do you remember taking driver’s ed classes as a teen?”

    The woman nods, likely wondering where this is going, and says, “A long time ago.”

    “Were you afraid the first time you drove a car in traffic?”

    Another nod.

    “Are you afraid of cars, now?”

    The gal chuckles and says, “No.”

    “Like a gun, a car is a powerful and useful tool you can use for good or bad. The first time you sat behind the wheel of two tons of metal under your control was overwhelming, right?”

    “I’ll say.”

    “Me too,” the cop says, smiling. “Though I wouldn’t have admitted it then.”

    “The gun also seemed overwhelming the first time I was exposed to guns,” he continues. “It seemed as if the gun might go off at any second—just sitting there on the table. When I first held the gun, I handled it like it was a grenade with the pin pulled out. Make sense?”

    Brow furrowed in thought, she nods again.

    “Driving doesn’t intimidate you, now, does it? It’s second nature, but you still try to drive safely. It’s the same thing learning to use a gun.”

    “I don’t know about that?” the gal says.

    “Why not?” the cop says. “Think about anything you learned that was intimidating or scary. It became ‘normal’ as you got used to doing it.”

    “True,” the woman says, but as if she can’t believe that could also apply to guns.

    The cop continues. “Look, some people drive like idiots: aggressive, reckless, drunk, and some even commit suicide and mass casualty terrorism. But, when you hear about criminals, including terrorists, committing violence with vehicles, do you ever think the government should take cars away from all people?”

    The woman shakes her head.

    “Of course, not. But what’s the difference? I’ll tell you. Anti-gun folks don’t have guns but they do have cars. A clear double-standard?”

    The cop can tell he hasn’t convinced the gal, but he appreciates she’s at least thinking about it.

    “Hell, I still feel a bit intimidated when someone hands me an unfamiliar gun, but I become familiar with it, and that goes away. Happens with cars, too. Wouldn’t know how to drive a Bugatti except how to turn the steering wheel—if I could figure out how to open the door to get in. But if I drove one, I’m sure I’d get used to it.

    “Anti-gun folks don’t want to understand guns or their connection to a person’s unalienable right to self-defense. That’s irresponsible and arrogant. If guns weren’t the best means for self-defense, law enforcement agencies would issue something else to cops.

    “You can misuse a gun just like a car. But while driving is a privilege, the right to have a gun is a constitutional right. Yet, you’d swear anti-gun folks view the car and the gun as if that were reversed.”

    The gal remains quiet. She’s doesn’t appear angry, just thinking.

    The cop says, “How ‘bout if we go shooting sometime? Bring your husband along, too. Then, if you still don’t like guns, at least, you’ll be talking from experience.”

    “I don’t know,” the gal says. “But, I’ll tell you what…I’ll think about it.”

    The cops says, “What more can I ask?”
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    Default Re: A good read/ gun car analogy

    I never thought about this in the context presented above. The argument will never win over someone who is fanatical anti-gun, but might give the average person something to consider. Gun control is about people control and it always has been from the start. Facts and logic don't matter to those people because it's not about fear for them.

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    Default Re: A good read/ gun car analogy

    Well delivered. Then again, we're (mostly) rational on this side.
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