Saw these great folks at the NRA Great American Outdoor show and had an excellent conversation with the Gunsmith. He showed me his custom built 1911 and man was that thing sweet.

Also went to the indoor range with a buddy when the "Polar Vortex" hit h-burg and for $20 had my own lane of the indoor 25 yard range. This place seems "State of the Art" as it had an excellent easy to use target system where you could select your range from 5-25 yards. Felt very safe while at the range and was able to shoot both hand-guns and and semi-auto rifles.

They had no problem with me bringing my own ammo and shooting my reloads and magnum rounds.

Everyone in the place was respectful and knowledgeable.

Thinking about going there to tune up my compound bow.

This business is veteran owned and worth your visit and you will enjoy spending your time there.