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    Default Re: Fall 2018 offerings from PSA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hodgie View Post
    The 5.45 AK's dropped a week or so ago and the 103's about a month ago so I don't expect anything else to drop for awhile. From the AK enthusiast stand point, a 5.56 AK that has an adaptor for GI or Pmags ranks very low on the list have scale. They want it to be clone correct or as.close as possible.
    i understand what you are saying - i just wish ppl would wake up to why this is actually needed... all these things are, are tools... tools to be used when needed (and for fun) and this isnt the time for collecting period correct/ replicas (toys IMO)... an AK chambered in a domestic round that uses existing AR15 mags is the exact ideal setup for todays minuteman. ak's (like revolvers) can be stored "at the ready" and are good to go when and if the time comes with little need for maintenance/ dont mind running dry and dirty. PSAs overall philosophy, from what I understand, is proliferating firearms at a reasonable price for the common person; interviews that I have read state that the company believes this is the way to help curtail erosion of our 2A rights... if this is true, then they should leave the replica/ correctness to companies like Arsenal and make the "people's rifle", a domestic/ utilitarian AK for the PATRIOT masses (see my marketing "flip the script" angle of using communist verbiage [and weapon design] to support a libertarian counter movement)? this is the exact right time for this... that new 9mm AR thing? WTF... no one asked for that.
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    Default Re: Fall 2018 offerings from PSA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Ahearn View Post
    I scored a ARV Friday night at 5:08 pm ,I keep getting screwed on the Ak's they sell out faster than I can put my info in. Same thing with the dagger pistol. I am trying to get another AKV with no luck either. I will shoot the ARV and let you know what i think and if I have any issues.
    Awesome. Definably update the thread when you get it and what you think.

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