Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in Northern Chester County Sportsman's Club. If I may clear something's up.

ShadowFlag would have been correct in stating that as a lapsed member, he would not be asked to provide a sponsor to rejoin the club. As a New Member, we are enforcing the sponsorship program. What we have seen in the past is Sponsor's help the new member's learn about the club, understand the responsibilities we have to one another and guide them to be long time members without issues. If it's not broke why fix it right? We like to get to know you and you know us.

Sponsorship can be obtained from a member currently with the club or someone you can meet at one of the public events we have. To be honest, we have limited open events due to current heath guidelines. If you like, we have trap open to the public on Thursday nights from 6:00PM-8:30PM. That should be going on for the next few weeks before we close that event for the season. There are usually members of the board available on these nights to answer questions, show you around and help guide you along your way.

I hope that helps and hopefully we will see you out at the ranges.



You can always call the club phone or drop us an email at I am a member of the Board and would like to help you in anyway we can to get you introduced or we can direct you to someone that can answer any questions I might need help on.