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    Default Tell me about Clairton Sportsmen's Club

    So it looks like Clairton SC is the one closest to me. I s anyone a member/able to tell me about their facilities?

    I'm mainly looking to get back into skeet/trap and rifle shooting.

    Been out of the shooting sports since moving to PA and really need to get on the range more often

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    Default Re: Tell me about Clairton Sportsmen's Club

    Clairton is a nice club. The only complaint I have is that they charge members $2 per visit. Rifle range is decent, they hold NRA and CMP matches with pits. They have several pistol bays, Wobble trap, Black powder events, and a bar!

    Toujours prÍt

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    Default Re: Tell me about Clairton Sportsmen's Club

    Bar thing is a bad thing to me. Just asking for trouble. It has one of if not the biggest trap ranges Iíve been to.

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    Default Re: Tell me about Clairton Sportsmen's Club

    It is also the closest club to me. One of the reasons I joined. The grounds are meticulously maintained. I believe they have a paid grounds keeper. No trash, no shot out back stops etc.....

    This is not a club to do mag dumps. They have restrictive rules. 5 rds in a rifle, 3 seconds between shots. Trap and skeet ranges are probably some of the best around. Everyone is very friendly. Someone mentioned the bar. Yes there is a bar. I personally have never seen someone drunk at the club. It isnt tolerated. I see no harm in having a beer and some food when finished shooting. They serve food on select days.

    Overall I am glad I joined. It gives me an opportunity to shoot after work without sitting in traffic for an hour.

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