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    Default Keystone Shooting Center in Cranberry

    Keystone Shooting Center in Cranberry opened earlier this year. I stopped in last week and found a brand new attractive facility that offers a gun shop/shooting supply store, ranges, rentals and memberships. Though I chose not to join at this time, a few friends have and very much like it. Keystone offers reduced rates for current and ex-military.

    The store is nicely stocked and the prices are not out of line. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I walked in and the gentleman behind the counter greeted me and asked if he could help, I told him I was browsing, he told me if I wanted to see anything, just ask. That worked out well, I wandered around, saw a G19 on sale and asked to see it. No pressure, no persistent "may I help you" and good help when I asked. Excellent service.

    I watched the ranges through the glass. They looked good. There was a large wall of rental guns.

    My friends tell me that if you are shooting your own gun, you can bring your own ammo (within reason). Rental guns must use ammo purchased in the store.

    All in all Keystone seems to be a winner.

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    Default Re: Keystone Shooting Center in Cranberry

    I joined Keystone the last week of December. It is a very nice facility and only 30 minutes from my house in the South Hills. My wife and I shoot there the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, and I usually go up another 1-2 times each month by myself or with a friend. Now that the good weather is here, we are driving out to PMSC for our practice sessions, but it is nice to have the indoor range available if I want to run up for a quick practice session.

    I purchased a used Gen 3 Glock 26 from them about 6-8 weeks ago. The gun had a grip reduction and stippling job that fit my hand perfectly. The best part, they let you try out (rent) a used gun and if you decide to buy it, they knock off the rental fee from the price. Can't beat that.

    The staff and management has also been friendly and professional, if you have a chance; run up and check out the range and store.
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    Default Re: Keystone Shooting Center in Cranberry

    A +1 for Keystone today. One, their facility is modern and beautiful.

    Two, I had their smith install some night sights on my HK P30, price was 20 dollars. They then let me run a mag through the gun to ensure they were satisfactory. I paid 3 bucks for eyes and ears and a target, and I got to keep the eyes. No range fee since it was only a few minutes.

    Thanks a lot!
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