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    Default Milford rally 3/24

    Event Announcement:

    Family Firearms Association will be having a rally on March 24th starting at 12pm in Milford, PA., at the Pike County Courthouse. This will last an hour or so. The Association as Bullets & Patriots, has become idiom with like causes as the NRA and Gun Owners of America. And we hope to see you there to rally with us! It will have a patriotic theme to it, so bring your Red, White, and Blue. This will be a peaceful rally of Second Amendment supporters and advocates. Families as a whole were encouraged to attend. The rights of gun owners is important to each one of us, so letís do our part! Any further information or questions, please reach out to the following POC as this was the only information I was able to attain thus far.

    Lesa Ellanson, NRA Instructor
    Family Firearms Association

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    Default Re: Milford rally 3/24

    This has at least some ties to the moons just an fyi.

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