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    Default The Cabin Armory, Wilkes Barre

    Visit The Cabin Armory, Rt 315 in Wilkes Barre. Beautiful modern facility, 19 lanes on two floors. Great facility and great people.

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    Default Re: The Cabin Armory, Wilkes Barre

    I took my 12 year old son to their youth class. I paid 80 dollars.

    My wife called a couple of days prior to inquire and she ended up booking the class. Upon arrival, they were ready for us. We had to fill out the usual paperwork (digitally, no actual paper) and we went to watch the usual video.

    After watching the video we went to the upstairs classroom where there was 3 rifles and 4 handguns on a table, all . 22LR. The rifles were 1 bolt action, 1 lever action and 1 AR. The handguns were 2 Ruger Mark, 1 revolver and 1 S&W M&P 22.

    We were the only ones in the class so it was 1 on 1. The instructor started the class by reinforcing the rules and making my son repeat them. She then explained to him how each one works and how to hold them. She showed him how to aim and how to line up sights on a rifle and on a handgun. She also went into detail on how to stand and why you stand that way.

    After an hour of classroom time, he got an hour of range time. We were the only ones in the upstairs range. The cool thing was they still had up zombies, ghosts and bats from their Halloween event. My son had a blast shooting at them.

    For 80 dollars he got classroom time, 7 firearms, range time and all the 22 LR he could shoot.

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    Default Re: The Cabin Armory, Wilkes Barre

    My wife and I are members and shoot there every Saturday. Going to be less now that deer and bear season is approaching!!

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    Default Re: The Cabin Armory, Wilkes Barre

    Looks like Iím taking the girlfriend on a gun date here today.

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