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    Default Movie Extras needed Sunday in Waynesburg, PA

    This is a registered SAG film (Screen Actors Guild).

    We need 200+ movie extras this Sunday from 8am to 11:45am in Waynesburg, PA. No experience necessary. The movie is titled “A JURY OF HIS PEERS” - A college basketball coach stands trial facing sexual allegations from a former female player from decades ago. The jury is his only hope of walking out a free man. Watch the jury face their own convictions in this thrilling courtroom drama.

    This is a NON-PAID gig, but it’s a chance to be IN THE MOVIES!!!

    18+ years old, any gender, doesn’t matter. Any type of clothing without logos, any type of hair, makeup, doesn’t matter.

    Greene County Courthouse
    10 East High Street
    Waynesburg, PA 15370

    Staging area is LEFT side of courthouse lawn. Ask for Tredd or Matthew. We will be outside from 8am to noon, so dress appropriately for the weather.

    Please arrive NO LATER then 8:00am and we expect to wrap around noon. You will be required to sign a photo and a liability release.

    Any type of clothes, but NO LOGOS. You can not be on camera if you have visible logos on your clothes. For extras in Business Casual attire, you may be picked to stay longer to be extras from noon to 2pm for the courtroom scene.

    If you have never been on a movie set before, there is a lot of hurry up and wait. Please be patient and enjoy the movie-making process. Everyone is required to remain on set and in costume for the duration of the shoot. Continuity must be maintained.

    You are permitted to photograph behind the scenes.
    You are NOT permitted to take any videos anytime on set.
    You are NOT permitted to photograph scenes being filmed.

    This is not an agreement of employment. Filming can be delayed or cancelled for multitude of reasons including on the day of the shoot. You will be notified at the earliest possible time if the shoot is cancelled and if any reshoots that may occur.

    Thank you! We look forward to working with you!

    Tredd Barton
    Weapons Master / Producer
    Tredd Productions
    Phone: 724-249-5112
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