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    Default Newbie sharing my story

    So today I took my adult child to court for a hearing on a sexual violence protection order. For safety I opted to carry to the courthouse..this isn't the first time. However on this occasion as I approached and stated I had a firearm to check the security officer played like he couldn't hear me. Made me on 3 occasions state it louder like it would be beneficial to make a scene. He stated it isn't allowed in the building. To which I politely disagreed and told him I would gladly show him the law and the little locker by his feet that is used to secure them. I was told twice very aggressively to take it outside immediately. I asked for his name and supervisors name. The security officer decided to scream at me and last warning take it outside and secure it in your vehicle.

    I went out. Called the sheriff's office. To which the deputy supervisor stated it isn't their choice that they don't run security in the building that I need to contact the county commissioners. To which I did. Waiting on a return call. While waiting I decided to call the PA attorney general's office. To which I was told many courthouses in pa have a firearm ban. I tried to explain what the law says but they wanted no parts of it. Stated if I want to pursue it further the. I need to hire an attorney and fight it in the courts.

    Really? That's our only course of action against tyranny by the government just hiring a lawyer I can't afford which they know so they can just bully you around.

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    Default Re: Newbie sharing my story

    That is the game they play.

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