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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Cent View Post
    Certainly no disrespect intended. My point i guess was that i see that theres no perfect way to guarantee everyone goes home without at least some kind of complaint about the free use of something they otherwise have to drive 100 miles and get on a waiting list for.. and my extreme suggestion can't even eliminate the possibility of it being a bad day at the range. I would be alone with the corn on one side, and those stupid little trees with the huge thorns on their trunks on the other side.. complaining to the corn that the drop chart on the sticker on the ammo box never states what scope height the data is for.

    Paranoid much?

    So all vets have murderous PTSD and any other shooters are going to trap you in a thorny wilderness and get uncontrollable anger over bullet drop data that doesn't match their results while at a free range and hurt you over it?
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    Default Re: Long Distance Range

    Since this thread was recently bumped, here's a deal on Vortex Golden Eagle (15-60x52 F-class) refurb scope for that Long Distance Range.

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