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    My wife and I are from NY. We have Target Permits, which in Nassau County , NY can also be used as a Carry permit. We can not obtain a NR for Monroe county. Is it any easier to obtain a NR in Carbon county. We are not trying to circumvent the law, just be legal with our firearms.

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    A lot of counties are not processing non res ltcf's. Are your permits unrestricted? I'm not so sure it is based on you referring to it as a target permit. Can you carry concealed throughout the state (not NYC) solely for the purpose of self defense?

    Assuming you have non-restricted permits you can shop around for a friendly county to apply. Personally I and others would prefer you to get a lawyer and sue that cock sucker Martin. He has no authority to deny a non residents application provided you are otherwise eligible.

    I would also consider filling out the applications and demanding they process them. By law they must provide a reason for denial. I would like to see his reason. I bet if you pushed him they would issue them.

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    I'm from NY and my Pike county permit is about expired. Pike County will not renew or issue any out of state permits anymore period. I went to Wayne County today and I got the same deal. I do not know why but the applications still have the non resident part on them but means nothing.

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