Well I'm slowly coming out of my closet

I'm now 9 months into my venture of having an FFL. I've had a lot to learn and still do, so yeah I'm taking things turtle slow.

I figure my best bet is to avoid competing with Walmart, and the 2 hardware stores near me, which is cool, because I like the black guns better anyway.
Because I'm home based I don't carry much if any inventory. I like transfers the best.

So I'm wondering if there are any re-loaders near me that are suffering from powder shortage?

I think I found a decent wholesale line on Hodgdon powder and there's not much in the way of competition from the Hardware shops and none at Walmart. I just don't have a nearby customer base to market it to, nor is it worth the hazmat headache without the local customer. If you are looking for Hodgdon stuff (looks like Hodgdon bought IMR & VihtaVuori & Winchester) please feel free to post here or shoot me an PM. I'll look and see what prices I can offer.

Sorry, my source doesn't seem to offer primers