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    Default reciprocity for non-resident LTCF and Pistol permits

    Surprised nobody is talking about the agreement between Broome County NY and Susquehanna for Pistol and LTCF non-resident permit applications.
    Of course all Broome county is doing is meeting the law for non-residents employed in Broome County and bending the resident requirement a wee bit for property owners.

    At least in the case of Bradford County and Chemung County there is no property or employment requirement.

    UPDATE 5/20/2016: We have several friends from Broome County NY who are elated they got to pay $20 and get a PA NR LTCF.
    My wife called the Broome County Sheriff's office and was told she WOULD NOT be issued a permit, but if she wanted to pay the $140 non-refundable fee they would gladly accept it.

    I knew we got the shitty end of the stick on the deal.
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