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    Default LEEK Preserve is Expanding!!

    OSWAYO, Pa. — The L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve for Wounded Warriors is getting ready to construct a large hall it will name for Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. Jason Dunham.

    The preserve, which provides at least seven hunting trips and other outdoors activities for wounded and disabled veterans throughout the year named a small living space Cpl. Jason Dunham Barracks shortly after it opened in 2007. Now land is being cleared with a foundation due to be poured before the end of January (depending on weather) for Dunham Hall to replace the small barracks.

    The three-phase, $1.5 million, 1,700-square-foot building project will include east and west wing living areas, each with four bedrooms, two baths, dining and kitchen areas. There will also be a grand hall which will serve as an entranceway to the building and link the two living areas. A walkway along the first floor will serve as a balcony where veterans and their families will be able to view the surrounding forested landscape.

    L.E.E.K. (Live to Enjoy and Experience Kindness) volunteer Richard Getchel said, “Dunham Hall will be not only for veterans, but also for their families. Veterans need their families and they will be able to come up here and relax with their families.” However, the $1.5 million construction cost is an estimate. Although the land has been cleared and the timetable for the foundation work set, according to Getchel, they are only going to be able to complete the first-phase, the east wing, for now.

    “We knew that we wouldn’t be able to raise $1.5 million all at once for the construction of the entire building. Then we realized we could build it in phases, so we decided to do the east wing first. By the time we get the whole building completed the cost of construction will probably increase over the six to seven years it will take to complete, so the total price will have increased.”

    After the first-phase is completed, L.E.E.K. will construct the grand hall as phase-two of the project. In phase-three the second living space will be constructed.

    L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve is a completely volunteer-run facility. According to its mission statement, the preserve is dedicated to offering therapeutic outdoor programs for wounded veterans with all levels of disabilities by providing a friendly handicap-accessible camp environment and activities like hunting and fishing, L.E.E.K. believes in encouraging wounded warriors to focus on their abilities, without compromising their physical limitations. The L.E.E.K. preserve is a safe and friendly environment where wounded service members can assist each other through the healing process, both mentally and physically with activities geared to each veteran’s needs and abilities.

    Founded by the Fisher family in 2007, L.E.E.K. is a charitable, tax-exempt, all-volunteer organization. It not only provides activities, but also supplies the veteran hunters with everything they need including hunting gear and weapons. It accepts donations of new and lightly used hunting clothing and boots.

    In November L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve received a $5,000 contribution from Wellsville resident Evelyn Turner in honor of her brothers and uncles who served in the military. Last week, students from the Alfred State Culinary Arts Baking Department contributed more than 43,500 to L.E.E.K. from its Veterans Day bake sale. Both donations will be used to provide activities for veterans, according to L.E.E.K. board member Steve Macdonald.

    Anyone wishing to help with the construction of Dunham Hall can contribute to the project by designating his or her contribution be put toward Dunham Hall and mailing it to: L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve, 497 State Route 244 East, Oswayo, Pa., 16915.

    Marine Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, of Scio, died in 2004 as a result of a reconnaissance mission in the town of Karabilah, Iraq, which came under attack. His action saved the lives of two Marines.

    In January 2007 he became the first Marine to receive the Medal of Honor in the Iraq War during a posthumous ceremony in the White House.
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    Default Re: LEEK Preserve is Expanding!!

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like a good operation!

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