I think I've pinpointed why we're suddenly seeing zombie threads coming back on a daily basis. With the forum upgrade, the search engine was changed a bit. The search now has a few more options than it did, and one of them is "Sort Results By" with the default setting to "Relevance". If you search for a for something it will return all threads with that term sorted by what it thinks is the most relevant thread. I have no idea how it's determining this, especially if you're searching for a single word.

Because of this default setting it can return very old threads that it thinks is the most relevant, and many people don't look at the date before replying. You can change the default "Sort Results By" to "Date" and then click the button "Go" beside the Save Search Preferences drop down box. I would recommend everyone do this so that you get the most recent results instead of the what the forums perceives as the most "relevant".

I commend the people for actually searching, but hey, look at the date before replying.