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Haha, well guys, everyone that read this thread and said or thought, “this is exactly why I bought a safe with manual dial,” put this in your pipe and smoke it . . . the S&G 6741 manual dial lock that came on my Liberty safe failed in less than HALF the time that it took the Winchester's electronic lock to fail. And as opposed to the Winchester safe that was opened a number of times per day, the Liberty was typically only opened once per day. Wrap your head around that.

For a couple days I had a little difficulty getting the safe open, which was bizarre, as it always opened for me on the first try every time previously. After dealing with the Winchester failure I had a hunch what was coming, and I emptied everything out into my other safes and locked the Liberty with the door open. That ended up being a wise move, as this morning I tried to unlock it just for kicks and couldn’t get it unlocked after 20+ attempts. Today I’ll be on the phone to Liberty to discuss replacement options.

PS: After 3+ years my replacement parts on the Winchester safe are still working perfectly.
The combination lock ( 6741 ) on my Liberty safe was starting to give me problems, not opening on the first entry.
Took everything out and locked it with the door opened. Now it takes 15 times or more to dial the combination to gain entry.

I called Liberty and they are sending a replacement combination lock 6741.
The Liberty representative mentioned special tools to install the lock correctly.
Any one on the forum use these tools to install a combination lock?
Or any advice on installation. I really don't want to call a lock smith.

Thanks in advance.