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    Default Discharging Firearms allowed in Lynn Township?

    If a township has no ordinance or anything pertaining to discharging a firearm on one's own land is it legal? The only law I know by the state is you must be 150 yards away from a dwelling to shoot (that's for hunting). Are there any county level laws pertaining to discharging firearms? It looks like some of these more rural townships don't really care about shooting... One of my friends in Tennessee shoots on his land all the time and has fairly close neighbors (150yds or so) and they have never complained a bit...keep in mind that's a very conservative thinking part of the seems to be getting ever more liberal around the LV. I know shooting in any kind of neighborhood is a terrible idea..I want to avoid those picky neighbors... The whole reason I am wondering is because I work in Allentown but want my own piece of land in the woods I can feel free and shoot guns on..I'm looking maybe up in the Northwestern Lehigh townships where it's a little more rural but not too far away from allentown. I could only afford a couple acres so if I would set something up close to my house would the whole 150 yards rule still in effect? Where I live in Lehigh Twp Northampton County I can't legally shoot a nerf gun...
    Also want to say hello! This is my first post, so bear with me.
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    Default Re: Discharging Firearms allowed in Lynn Township?

    I live on the line between Weisenburg and Lynn and shoot often. Nobody cares, just dont play Rambo or do anything stupid and you most often will not have a problem. A visit to the neighbors cant hurt either.

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