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    Default anybody get anything in Warren County?

    I got this really nice 8 point towards the end of the day..... yesterday. was kinda bony/not much meat.

    I sat down on a log to wait/watch and it was in a pile of scattered bones. I tried to turn it in for the buck pool but was shot down. LOL All I saw was a 4 point for a fraction of a second and I'm guessing its a 4 point as my brother and his son texted me was coming my way.. no other deer were seen by me and nobody at the location I hunted at yesterday.

    Anybody else see anything?
    Tim , USAF Ret.

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    Default Re: anybody get anything in Warren County?

    My game camera had lots of good choices in lots of places during the fall, but the first two days in the eastern part of the county I saw no animal walking on the ground.... Try again this weekend. Got a DMAP permit so I can get 2 does starting this Saturday.
    Marty near God's Country. Making good people defenseless doesn’t make bad people harmless.

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