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    Default Kinzua and East Branch dams...

    So I know that the East Branch dam is down do to the Army Corps of Engineers repairing the earthen dam but I looked on Google Earth and it looks as though Kinzua is drawn down also. Looks like quite a bit from the shoreline from what I can see. Any reason for it being down so low? It's been a while since the last time I was there but it is a really nice lake. I hope it returns to normal levels, pops wants to drag his boat up there this coming summer and dump it in at Kinzua. I looked on the ACoE's site and couldn't find any info on size/hp restrictions? Any info would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Kinzua and East Branch dams...

    Kinzua is a flood control dam. The lake is drawn down at times so the reservoir can hold more storm water. And Pittsburgh appreciates that very much!

    The Google Earth images are not current. Does it say when the images were taken?

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    Default Re: Kinzua and East Branch dams...

    No current info for Hp limits. My buddy used to run his Chaparell there for skiing. It had the 454 with Mer-cruiser stern-drive, but that was a few years ago...
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