This Sunday, October 12, the Delco Field & Stream Assn. will be holding a rifle bench rest match from 9:00AM to Noon.

Scoped rifles will shoot at standard IBS 100 yard Benchrest targets. Rifles using Iron/Open sights will shoot at an MR-31C target.

Course of fire is 10 shots from the bench position at targets placed at 100 yards. Unlimited sighters may be taken.

Entry classes are:

  • Centerfire Hunter
  • Centerfire Varmint (centerfire rifle using a heavy barrel)
  • Rimfire Hunter
  • Rimfire Varmint
  • Bench Rest Rifle
  • Iron/Open sights - any rifle of any caliber (other than 50BMG or 416 Barrett) using iron or open sights.

The match director reserves the right to classify a rifle for a particular class.

Match fee is $8.00. Payouts will be determined based on the number of entries in a class.

This match is open to the public. You do not have to be a DCF&S member to participate.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.