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    Default Info on private shooting ranges/clubs in Adams?


    Anyone have recommendations on any private ranges/clubs open for membership in or around Adams?

    I used to shoot on my property (plenty of land) but, a few years ago a house was built on the one the fields from another farm that was behind my rifle lane. So, we usually shoot rifle now at the State Range in Carlisle and deal with the PADCNR 3 round magazine restrictions without a problem.

    Now, new problem is I recently acquired an M1919. I think belt-feds are a no go on the SG's by DCNR.

    Any input would be appreciated on this,


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    Default Re: Info on private shooting ranges/clubs in Adams?

    I really like Upper Adams F&G, but no-go on belt fed's there as well. Might check with Adams County Sport Handgunners, Their website says: Once machine guns are permitted again, use of machine guns on Association ranges shall be limited to members in good standing who have, at a minimum, satisfactorily completed a range safety course offered by a National Firearms Association certified range officer or similar educational experience. Guests shall not be permitted to operate machine guns on Association ranges. I don't know if they have allowed machine guns again.
    Upper Adams Fish and Game

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