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    Default Re: Critically important note about PICS and NICS

    Quote Originally Posted by JaySmith View Post
    How do you even end up being a prohibited person, aside from convicted of a felony? Can you end up being prohibited by accident? I would think that it would be impossible to not know if you were prohibited.
    Unless a M1 crime has a specific different(and lower) penalty, any M1 is punishable by 5 years in prison. Under federal law, any state misdemeanor that has a max possible punishment that exceeds 2 years is prohibiting.

    ANY level of misdemeanor of domestic violence is prohibiting by federal law. ..ANY.

    Some lawyers don't fill in their clients entirely of the ins and outs of high misdemeanors.
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    Default Re: Critically important note about PICS and NICS

    A single DUI in the 60s and you are prohibited for life. Oh and Drag Racing, too. Both were misdemeanors but had max sentence of 3 years...

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    Default Re: Critically important note about PICS and NICS

    valuable information
    thank you

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