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His head might explode at the FOAC bash.

1000 tickets sold, approximately 5-600 attendees, $2, $3, $5, and $10 table drawings, approximately 6-7 of each, plus a never ending stream of $100 50/50's. It's the most expensive ticket I buy, that's not a "Sportsman's Bash" ticket. Takes a ton of luck to hit the door ticket, but no doubt the best selection of quality and tactical guns on any ticket in the area. Plus extra tickets to buy for the "all-day" 50/50; the "Mystery Gun" and the Gun Safe extra with 3 guns in the safe. Add in the impromptu "Crazy Chris" $20 deal ticket that sells out in, like 10 minutes, and Wakefield would have to pawn his 4k rifle have cash for tickets.

I've bought tickets for each of the FOAC bashes, twice a year, and hit once on the door ticket for a Glock 21 and this last bash I hit a $5 table and took a Ruger Gunsite Scout in 308. They sell 250 tickets for each table drawing, so the $5 table raises $1250 and you end up with a gun that retails for $850 +/-. Most bashes do a $5 table, 200 tickets and raise $1,000, with choices being in the $500-575 range. $3 tables raise $600 and you get a choice of guns between $300-400. I was just at a bash where they did 12 $3 table guns and 6 $5 table guns from 5pm-10pm. That's moving them at a pretty good clip. I've been to really bad bashes and really awesome ones, and the bad ones really suck.
I actually love that kind of bash with dozens of side raffles. I buy 1 ticket for each raffle usually. This one sucked. 1 small table of 5 and 3 dollar rifles and low quality handguns mostly 22's and 1 side raffle for a gun safe with 3 poopy guns. Other than that you got the 50/50.