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    Question Predator Hunting

    I need some tips on Predator hunting. I just started Predator hunting and I know very little about it. I have a friend that thinks he knows everything, and every time we go out fox hunting he can't sit still and I think he is afraid of the dark. He turn on the red light every few seconds and scares away every and anything, then he blames it on the red light. As far as I read you need to sit still and ready to shoot, at least two shooters and one caller. But he like to sit all together and just do nothing but move around. Please Help Me with some tips on HOW, WHERE and WHAT to do, so I can show him how it done...

    Hunting is just Great.

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    Default Re: Predator Hunting

    The red light won't scare the critters while hunting. That is the reason why people use red lights. Are you using a mouth caller or an electronic caller? I would say one of the biggest keys to hunting predators is watching your wind. Those animals that you are hunting...are also hunting, so they are using what nature gave to them as a hunting tool. If you are using an electronic caller, you don't want the sound to be too loud. Another tip is that you don't want to hunt around a full moon. Keep the noise level down and the movement to a minimum.

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