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    Default Looking for a good place to shoot

    I have been looking around here for a good place to shoot and it just seems like every club have strict rules. Some will not let you rapid fire, some have rounds limits and all seems to only allow for paper targets.
    I like to shoot at clays and plastic bottles and metal targets. When I was in VA that was not a problem and believe it or not in NJ. But here in PA its a different story.
    I was also looking for somewhere to shoot trap and skeet. I can bring my own thrower but I just do not know where.
    So if you guys know of any please let me know.


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    Default Re: Looking for a good place to shoot

    I have a house in Holiday Pocono in Albrightsville and there's is a pistol / rifle / clay range in the development. I use the range a lot more now that it's warmer out.

    It's a gated community and the range is only for residents and guests, but I'm sure we could set something up sometime if you'd like to use it now and then as my guest. I'm up here half the time, splitting my time in Albrightsville and Bristol, usually a week here a week there kind of thing.

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    Default Re: Looking for a good place to shoot

    I live in Palmerton - moved up here from Central FL last July - and I'd also like to find a place to shoot. I don't own an arsenal, just my trusty Springfield XD-40, but I like to stay current. I usually go through approx. 200 rounds every session, and up to now, that's been split between indoor ranges and some really nice outdoor sites. Ever heard of a Texas star?

    Anyway, since I carry, I feel I ought to keep in shape. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    -= Gary =-

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