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    Default Non-resident LTCF - Allegheny County

    Does anyone know if the Allegheny Cty Sheriff issues non-resident LTCF's?

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    Default Re: Non-resident LTCF - Allegheny County

    Not sure if they do, but they are supposed to.

    Pretty sure Fayette County does, about 60 miles south of Pittsburgh and probably while you wait from what others here have said.

    Allegheny would not be while you wait.

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    Default Re: Non-resident LTCF - Allegheny County

    I am a SC resident. I have a daughter living in Pittsburgh. I just assumed Allegheny would be chancy and I’d only reserved a day of my last trip to take care of the PA LTC process. So, I went to Westmoreland County to get my PA LTC. Deputy there had told me when I phoned ahead that Allegheny was not issuing to non-residents. So, I did not attempt to try Allegheny.

    Be aware, Westmoreland sheriff requires personal letter addressed to him setting forth background statement and reason to carry. “Personal protection” is acceptable. The letter bit is out-of-band but not especially burdensome for a non-resident permit.

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    Default Re: Non-resident LTCF - Allegheny County

    Is there any word on whether or not Allegheny County is issuing non-resident permits? I'm a SC resident and have my SC CWP. I'll be coming up to Pittsburgh this week to visit my son and will now be taking these trips frequently. I'm hoping to be able to get my non-resident permit while up there this week.

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