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    Default Shenecoy Sportsmen

    Shenecoy Sportsmen has constructed new backstops at 25, 50, 100, and 200 yds. Bring your own targets and staple to backstops. We are working on some sort of metal plates, should be in use by spring. Dues is $40/year single, and $50/year family and guest. Any new ideas are welcome, members helping is always appreciated and needed, meeting is 3rd Wed of every month at 7:00.

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    Default Re: Shenecoy Sportsmen

    I will second this post for sure.

    In the past year Shenecoy has stepped up and done a lot of work to the range, redone the range rules, and put a lot of time into the area.

    The $50 family and guest membership is a fantastic deal.

    The work crews have done a great job with the range providing nice backstops and widening/clearing brush at the edges.

    Plates will be a great addition to the range.

    I have had no issues up there at all sighting in my AR or anything else for that matter.

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