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    Default How's the deer hunting? Sproul state forest or others

    I'm thinking of purchasing land/cabin near Sproul state forest and wanted to see if anyone here has any recent experience with the deer and turkey populations in the area. Cabin will be used as both a family recreation location and deer camp.

    I've heard the deer population is down compared to mid 2000's. I've looked at the PA Game commission website and see the decline both in kills and antler less licenses.

    Appreciate anyone's input on Sproul or other locations in this general area. I'm north of Philly and trying to keep my drive to under 3.5 hours which is why I'm looking at the Susquehanna area.


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    Default Re: How's the deer hunting? Sproul state forest or others

    Sproul is most of northern Clinton County and in wmu 2G. The deer numbers are definitely down but like most north central Pa areas there are pockets with good deer numbers and other areas that almost seem void of deer. Sproul probably has some of the best bear hunting in all of Pa. Turkey really depends where the cabin is located I know areas are well populated with turkey.

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