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    Default Mechanicsburg Sportsmen's Protective Association

    Looking for a sponsor for me and the family, anyone that has been a member for at least a year that would be willing?

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    Default Re: Mechanicsburg Sportsmen's Protective Association

    As much as I like to help people out, sponsoring someone shouldn't be taken lightly. Sponsoring someone basically acknowledges that I am vouching for the actions of the party being sponsored. I have sponsored about 8 people in the last year or 2. And they are all people that I am confident that I can count on to be responsible, safe shooters. If I bring in a goober, it makes me look bad, and there are also potential consequences for me.

    If you can find someone on here, great. I would suggest networking through people you know to find someone. You can also find an event open to the public (trap, 22 cmp, etc) and build a relationship with someone over a week or 2 and see if they might be willing. Look on the website or call for open event schedules.

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