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    Default Training in Adams County

    In our changing and uncertain political environment, many are new to firearms ownership and use these days. Often new gun owners have little or no experience even with the firearms they've purchased 'while they can still get them.' There are lots of training courses available within 100 miles of Gettysburg, but few actually here in Adams County.

    I've been offering NRA courses in basic pistol and basic AR rifle for the past year or so out at Adams County Sport Handgunners Association. I have a lot of flexibility in scheduling courses on these and other firearms, including shotguns, hunting rifles, muzzle-loading rifles, etc. Details on my background and offerings are at Let me know if I can be of service to you.

    I feel it is critically important to develop and maintain firearms skills especially when all the talk of firearms restrictions and even confiscation is about. Remember, the one thing they can't take from you is skill.

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    Default Re: Training in Adams County

    I attended his NRA basic pistol course recently, and it was very good. I'd recommend it to others interested in it.

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